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Mistress Lola does not have time for jealous people because they bring a bad and negative vibe and she never wants any of that to apply. That is why she had to make sure that she taught the guy a lesson. The mistress cruelly forced the guy to eat her shit and drink her pee so that he realized that it was not ok to be jealous of other people and to wish them ill.

Mistress Medea made sure that she put on a sexy show for this guy. She revealed her sexy body to him in only a bra and thong and he loved what he saw. But at the end of it all, she had to punish and humiliate him as was her objective. That is why she chose to shit on him and make him eat her poop. He was degraded but had no choice but to do it.

Mistress Wael had fucked and sucked this guy but he did not even make her cum. He had had a great time but she did not have any. That is why she had to dominate him and she chose to do it in a way that he would not forget. The mistress turned him into a shit slave and she took a dump on him. She made sure he ate it and then warned him not to have sex if he knew he would not satisfy the woman.

Goddess Andova does not like selfish people. When she discovered that this guy was selfish, she had to dominate as well as humiliate him. She did this with her poop to make it a worse punishment for him. He was not given a choice or a say in the matter and that is how he found himself having to eat her poop. He learned his lesson the hard way and stopped the selfishness.

Mistress Natalia wanted to make her slave suck her shit out of her ass and that is what he did. She described what she wanted done and made it clear to him that there was no way out and that he had no choice but to do it. The mistress enjoyed how he did it and she wished she had told him to do it earlier. But he would be made to do it going forward.

Mistress Jennifer wanted to try something she had never done before and out of all the options she had, poop femdom spoke to her better than any other. And that is why she chose to use it. The mistress looked for a loser who had the unfortunate distinction of eating her shit and washing it down with her hot pee. She enjoyed every bit of it but it was the opposite for the loser.

This mistress hates being let down. And that is what this guy did. He was a poor sport and he lost a competition in which she had heavily bet on him. She was not going to accept such and so she used her poop to punish him. The guy was forced to eat her poo and endure humiliation and degradation so that he learned never to disappoint her again.

Mistress Bianc did not want to keep arguing with her ex-husband on matters they had settled before. She had to make sure he would keep his end of the deal and when he did not, she used her shit to make him do it. She let him go to her house and she turned him into her human toilet. She then laughed at him and made fun of him as she degraded him.

Madame Ellen was tired of always being the one to take the moral high ground or even to be the bigger man. She had to find a way to settle her issues with this guy and she did so today by turning him into a human toilet. She forced him to eat her shit and he had no choice but to do so. She never had a problem with him again.

Mistress Milana gets offended very easily and she was offended by this guy. She had a score to settle with him and she made sure it was settled by her poop femdom. The mistress forced him to lie down and open his mouth as she took a shit on it. He was shocked as he never expected her to do that to him. But it was already done and he could do nothing about it.

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