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When this guy tried to bully this mistress, he did not know her well. He had thought it would all go down the way all her other victims had reacted. But she did not as she did not backdown and in fact she had to punish him to make him stop. He was shocked when she used her martial arts to beat him and then make him eat her poo.

When this mistress noticed that her slave was taking a lot for granted, she knew it was incumbent upon her to act quickly and instill a sense of fear and responsibility in him. So used her shit to send a warning to him and he was shocked at the treatment he got and knew that he had to follow what she wanted if he was to avoid such domination again.

Lady Shay was on the radar of bullies and they thought that they had found someone else to benefit from but they had badly miscalculated. They ended up licking their wounds when she used her poop femdom to dominate and torture them. She got help from her friend and both of them made them regret what they had done and they never tried to even go near the two mistresses.

When this mistress learned that she was dealing with a dirty loser, she did not want to be associated with him. She knew that it was better to humiliate him that to put up with his dirtiness. So she crushed his face with her bare feet as she trampled him but before she was done with him, she went ahead to shit on him and smear the shit on his face.

This con thought he knew everything and he also thought that lady Luci would never find out that he was a con. And if he ever found out, he did not think she had the balls to look for him and punish him. But that is what she did to the guy as she hunted him down and forced him to eat her shit and promise never to con anyone again.

Mistress Jardena was getting late for work but her slave was slow and did not do things as fast as she wanted. That is why she chose to teach him a lesson and she did it through shitting on him. The mistress even went ahead to make a video of it and sent it to him so that he would not forget what she did to him and as a result, he would not be slow again as he knew what would happen.

This vengeful mistress was not going to let things go like that. She had been pissed and she had to revenge. And hers was worse than anything this loser had imagined. She hunted him down and she used her shit to revenge. She fed him her shit and the mistress made sure he ate every bit of it and that he was her human toilet paper when she was done shitting on him.

Goddess Greta did not like how negative her classmate was. And she felt that it was up to her to do something about it. So the mistress went to his house and she found him alone. She did not waste any time in dominating him to teach him a lesson. The mistress made sure that he ate her shit and licked her asshole after she was done pooping on him.

Mistress Lila had asked this guy to be truthful to her but he was not. He had taken her for granted and she was not happy about it. She knew that she had to do something about it so that he would learn his lesson. And that is what prompted her to make him lick her asshole clean after she had taken a shit. The poor guy regretted what he had done.

Madame Ellen had supported this athlete and he had promised her that he would be in a medal position but during the actual competition, he did not come anywhere near the podium positions and she was pissed at him and all that she had done for him. So she punished him to make sure he never did any of that shit again. She had him eat her poo and be degraded into working harder.

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