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Lady Luci was interested in shitting on this guy so she baited him. She did this by showing off her tits and he loved them. He let her do whatever she wanted to him thinking it would lead to sex but he was shocked when it led to him drinking her pee and to him being forced to eat her shit as well. He could not do or say anything as he was tied.

This con thought he knew everything and he also thought that lady Luci would never find out that he was a con. And if he ever found out, he did not think she had the balls to look for him and punish him. But that is what she did to the guy as she hunted him down and forced him to eat her shit and promise never to con anyone again.

Lady Luci knew this guy had to be enticed in order to fall for her trap. So she used her hot body to entice him and to make him and to get him to eat her poop. He was into her and he wanted to fuck her brains out. He did not see her execute her ruthless plan of making him eat her poop. He had to comply to avoid further humiliation.

Lady Luci wanted to get a good deal and she tried to bargain hard but this guy did not give her any room. He was very tough to bargain with and since it was a do or die affair, she had to make sure she got a good deal out of it. So she changed the game and she turned the guy into her human toilet. She first of all had him lick her heels before he ate her shit.

This mistress was not messing around but her slave thought she was. She tried to make him realize that she was not but it did not help. So the mistress had no choice but to torture him to send a message. And she made it a cruel punishment as she took a shit on him and she forced him to eat her shit. He had to learn never to do it again and he never did.

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