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Mistress Mummy loves to settle scores with people in a cruel way. She had beef with this guy and she used her shit to settle the score. He had no choice in the matter as she had decided what his punishment would be and that was what it had to be. He was shocked at what she chose to do to him but he did it out of fear of what she could do next.

Mistress Anna and mistress Jane had beef with their boss for favoritism. He favored one of their colleagues over them when it was them that did all the work. He knew it but he did not care and that was not ok with them. He even paid that colleague more. Pissed, they decided to start their own company and as they were about to quit, they made him eat their shit before they went away.

Princess Araya found out that her slave was insatiable and that he ate a lot. She did not have a factory producing food as he was plowing through it as if there was no tomorrow. She took him to her toilet and she made him eat shit inside a ban to resemble the hot dog he loved so much. And she warned him that it would not be business as usual if he did not change.

Lady Luci wanted to get a good deal and she tried to bargain hard but this guy did not give her any room. He was very tough to bargain with and since it was a do or die affair, she had to make sure she got a good deal out of it. So she changed the game and she turned the guy into her human toilet. She first of all had him lick her heels before he ate her shit.

Mistress Bastienne did not have butter in her house but she wanted her slave to use something else in its place. She knew he was fond of butter so she made him eat her shit by spreading it on his bread like butter. He was shocked at what she asked him to do but when he realized she was dead serious, he did what the mistress ordered him to do.

Goddess Parvati does not like to repeat herself but her dumb slave made her repeat herself all the time. She had had enough and today she snapped and she punished him. This she did using her shit fetish. She took a shit on the loser and she made him eat all of her shit. In addition, she also made him drink her urine. All of this happened in the bathtub.

Lady B loves to shit on losers for fun. She does not need one to mess with her or do something crazy for her to take a shit on them. She does it when she wants and that is all she needs. Today, this loser was unlucky to be the one she chose to shit on. She even made a video of how he ate her poo so as to enjoy it later on when she was bored.

Mistress Kira did not like how her ex-husband always delayed sending alimony checks to her. She was fed up with him as he had skipped three months payments now. She was over understanding him. She knew he was faking having financial issues but she was done giving him the benefit of the doubt. She went to his house and she took a shit on his face. She also peed on his face. He never skipped sending a check.

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