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Goddess Andova does not like selfish people. When she discovered that this guy was selfish, she had to dominate as well as humiliate him. She did this with her poop to make it a worse punishment for him. He was not given a choice or a say in the matter and that is how he found himself having to eat her poop. He learned his lesson the hard way and stopped the selfishness.

Goddess Andova wanted to shit on this loser and she did it without caring about what he felt. All she was interested in was ensuring that she had fun at his expense and that is what happened. The mistress had him lie down, got on top of him and she made him eat her shit. The guy did not even have time to protest what she was doing to him.

This guy was boring company and goddess Andova did not want to spend any time with him as she would be bored. She had kicked it with him before and she was bored out of her freaking mind and he wanted to do it again today but today she had other plans which included turning him into a poo slave. She had fun at his expense and her friend watched as she did it.

Goddess Andova wanted to scare this thief so she overpowered him and instead of calling the authorities on him, she made him eat her shit. He was so scared of her that he did what she wanted and that is how he learned never to be a thief again. He cried and begged her not to hand him over to the authorities as he would go to jail. She felt pity on him and let him go.

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