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Mistress Jardena quit her job and she waited for all her benefits before she dominated and punished her ex boss. There was nothing tying her to her former employer and she had to get even with her boss for all the grief he had given her while she worked there. She had to turn him into a human toilet and feed him shit for her to feel like it was enough.

Mistress Jardena was getting late for work but her slave was slow and did not do things as fast as she wanted. That is why she chose to teach him a lesson and she did it through shitting on him. The mistress even went ahead to make a video of it and sent it to him so that he would not forget what she did to him and as a result, he would not be slow again as he knew what would happen.

Mistress Jardena had tried to tell her assistant to find a way to never forget anything but he did a few times and she felt that it was an issue which she had to address immediately in order to avoid him repeating the same mistake. So she trampled the slave and she even took a shit into his mouth as she knew it would a reminder that he cannot mess with her.

Mistress Jardena did not like how her competitor tried to steal her trade secrets. He even went to the extent of trying to bribe her employees but they did not give him any secrets. But she was not going to let it go like that. She had to show him that she was ready and willing to defend her company. So she took a shit on him to do so.

Mistress Jardena wanted to revenge what this guy had done to her. He had kicked her when she was down and when she wanted his help. But today the tables had turned. So she took a shit on him and she forced him to eat it. Then she helped him like he had requested. She did it to show him that she was not like him despite getting her revenge.

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