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Mistress Mia knows how to have fun. But today she wanted to show her slave the other side of her. The not so pleasant side. She did this by facesitting him. At first he thought it was her being naughty and wanting to fuck him. He was thus shocked when she pooped on him and forced him to eat it. He had no choice but to eat it and smear it all over his face.

Lady Domi knows how to punish slaves. She is one of those mistresses who only punish slaves for the mistakes they have done and even go as far as customizing their punishments to suit the mistakes they have made. Today her slave made a big mistake and he had to get a big punishment. She used her big ass and her poo to do it. She go the slave to eat her poo. He never did it again.

Princess Nikki wanted to give this guy a BJ as foreplay. She also wanted to have her pussy licked but this loser did not do that. She was pissed and disappointed at him and she could not let it go. She had to teach him a lesson that he should not receive what he cannot give. She turned on him and she took a shit on the guy as punishment.

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