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Goddess Amirha expected this guy to lick her pussy nicely and to make her get a great orgasm. But the guy did not do so and the mistress was pissed. She did not like what happened and that is why she opted to make sure that the guy learned his lesson and that he learned to lick pussy better so that they would not have such a problem in the future.

Goddess Amirha was out to make this guy realize that she was not to be messed with. That is why she chose to use her poop femdom to deal with him. He had messed with her and he had to pay for it. The mistress made him lie down and then went ahead to facesit on him. And after she was done facesitting, she had him eat her poo and drink her pee.

Goddess Amirha was out to degrade and she knew that the best way to do it was to use her poop. So she plotted the degradation of this loser to the last detail and he did not have a clue of what she had in store for him. The mistress lured him to her house where she made him her human toilet. He had to eat her shit and drink her urine as well.

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