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This spy needed to be scared and madame Ellen chose to teach him a lesson. She wanted the information he had gathered and she got it after she had taken a dump on him. His whole face was covered with her poo and he could not do anything other than plead with her not to continue dominating and degrading him. When she stopped shitting on him, she made him deepthroat a dildo.

Madame Ellen had supported this athlete and he had promised her that he would be in a medal position but during the actual competition, he did not come anywhere near the podium positions and she was pissed at him and all that she had done for him. So she punished him to make sure he never did any of that shit again. She had him eat her poo and be degraded into working harder.

When madame Ellen told this guy she was going to punish him, he was not bothered as he did not see her with any weapon that she would punish him with. So he felt that the worse she could do was kick him or slap him, which he knew he could easily endure. But he was shocked when she used her shit to teach him a lesson and he had to chew and swallow it.

Madame Ellen was tired of always being the one to take the moral high ground or even to be the bigger man. She had to find a way to settle her issues with this guy and she did so today by turning him into a human toilet. She forced him to eat her shit and he had no choice but to do so. She never had a problem with him again.

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