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Mistress Dark loves it when a slave gets a good punishment. This one deserved it because he was lackluster in everything he did and she did not want him to infect the other employees. So she took it upon herself to show him that he would not be allowed to continue that way and so she pooped on him and had him eat all of it before she let him go.

These mistresses laid a trap and caught this thief. They did not go easy on him. He was their source of entertainment that night as they had nothing better to do. The mistress chose to turn him into a shit eater and he had no say in the matter. He was trying to avoid going to jail so he did all that the mistresses asked him to do however degrading it was.

Mistress Anna had done a lot for her boyfriend and she was disappointed that he was not grateful for any of it and he was so entitled that she had to punish him. The need to punish him became stronger when she realized he was not ready to do anything meaningful for her. So the mistress took a shit on him and forced him to eat her poo and drink her pee.

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