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Mistress Medea was pissed that her colleague wanted to fuck her. They were friends and colleagues. She did not want to change that so she had to punish him to get that out of his mind. After she tried to talk to him, he continued doing it and that is when she decided to give poop femdom a chance. As he ate her shit, he knew he would never bring that topic up again.

This guy had delivered a faulty gadget to her house and when she enquired where he worked, she realized that he was not an independent delivery guy. He worked in the same firm. She was so pissed that she turned the guy into a human toilet. He had to eat her poo and swallow it for delivering a faulty gadget and yet she had paid for it. She wanted a replacement immediately.

Mistress Natalia does not like gossipers. And when she realized this gossip guy was on her case and was spreading rumors and gossip about her, she politely asked him to stop it but he did not. She had no choice but to make him stop and so she pooped on him and had him eat it. He did not say anything about her after that as he knew what to expect.

Lady Amira had beef with her slave and she had to get back at him for all the nonsense he had done. So she went biking to determine what to do to him. And then she came back with an idea that she had to shit on him. And that is what she did to him no matter how cruel it was. He was fed with poo and needless to say, he never messed up again.

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