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When it comes to sending a message, this mistress likes to do it in a way no one will ever forget. That is what she did today when she turned this guy into a shit slave. The mistress had the guy learn his lesson the hard way and that worked out the way she wanted it to. The guy had never eaten poo but he did today and it was cruel.

Mistress Tina, mistress Svenja and mistress Calucci wanted to dominate this guy because he was a loser and he had let them down. So they all ganged up on him and they cruelly forced him to be a toilet slave. He had to eat their shit as well as drink their pee and he learned what to do as well as what not to do if he was to avoid another humiliation.

Mistress Rosella was asked for her help by a friend who needed to tame her husband. So she agreed and she asked the lady to go with her husband to her house. When they arrived, she took them to her torture chambers where she asked the mistress to make her husband lie down after which she instructed her how to shit on him. They forced him to eat her poo.

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