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Mistress Mummy loves to settle scores with people in a cruel way. She had beef with this guy and she used her shit to settle the score. He had no choice in the matter as she had decided what his punishment would be and that was what it had to be. He was shocked at what she chose to do to him but he did it out of fear of what she could do next.

Mistress Zephy is the kind of slave who likes to do crazy things and today she made sure that she tried something on this loser. The mistress made him lick her high heels after she had teased him. He did it willingly as he thought he would get a chance to fuck her. But it turned out she was messing with him and she even had him eat her shit.

Mistress Elena got her assistant to lie down at the end of her bottomless toilet seat. She then took a shit into his mouth as she worked on her computer. He did not know what to expect and he was humiliated by the mistress badly. When she was done with him, he had to cry himself to sleep after what she had done to him. He had nightmares for days.

Mistress Jardena was getting late for work but her slave was slow and did not do things as fast as she wanted. That is why she chose to teach him a lesson and she did it through shitting on him. The mistress even went ahead to make a video of it and sent it to him so that he would not forget what she did to him and as a result, he would not be slow again as he knew what would happen.

Madame Ellen had supported this athlete and he had promised her that he would be in a medal position but during the actual competition, he did not come anywhere near the podium positions and she was pissed at him and all that she had done for him. So she punished him to make sure he never did any of that shit again. She had him eat her poo and be degraded into working harder.

This mistress had asked this loser to work for her but he had refused. She did not like it as no one said no to her. She had to find a way to make him agree to work for her so she used her shit to do it. He was made to eat poo and she told him she would make it a daily thing until he agreed to work for her. He finally agreed.

Mistress Gaia caught her slave thieving and she turned him into a human toilet. She did not care what he felt or what he went through. All she wanted was that he learned to do things her way and that he never steal from her or be dishonest in any way. And she made sure that was the case as she made him eat and swallow her shit and drink her pee.

Lady Luci knew this guy had to be enticed in order to fall for her trap. So she used her hot body to entice him and to make him and to get him to eat her poop. He was into her and he wanted to fuck her brains out. He did not see her execute her ruthless plan of making him eat her poop. He had to comply to avoid further humiliation.

This mistress hates being let down. And that is what this guy did. He was a poor sport and he lost a competition in which she had heavily bet on him. She was not going to accept such and so she used her poop to punish him. The guy was forced to eat her poo and endure humiliation and degradation so that he learned never to disappoint her again.

When mistress Victoria and mistress Christina found out that it was this guy who had snitched on them, they had to punish him and they did it using their shit. He was tortured and forced to eat their shit. In addition to eating poo, he also had to drink their pee. And there was nothing he could do about it. He just did what the mistresses told him to do.

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