Mistress Valeria was treated so badly at work that the only thing that remained was for her to hit back. And she did even though it meant doing it to her boss. And she made her boss eat her shit to teach him a lesson. She did not care whether she lost her job as she was doing it for the good of her colleagues as well. And it worked as her boss changed.

Lady Shay was on the radar of bullies and they thought that they had found someone else to benefit from but they had badly miscalculated. They ended up licking their wounds when she used her poop femdom to dominate and torture them. She got help from her friend and both of them made them regret what they had done and they never tried to even go near the two mistresses.

This mistress felt that it was rude for this guy to forget her name yet she had told it to him minutes earlier. And to make sure he did not forget it, she chose to shit on him. The mistress knew that she was overreacting, but she did not care. All that mattered to her was that she had punished him and nothing else. When she was done with him, she made him clean up the mess.

Mistress Lola hates snitches and when she discovered this guy had snitched on his friend, she did not care that she was not a party to the issue and that she hardly knew the guy or that he had not snitched on her. He was a snitch all the same and he had to face the music. So she made him eat her shit to show him that it did not profit to be a snitch.

This mistress was tired of dating this guy and she wanted to dump him. But she did not want it come from her but instead, it had to come from him. And that is how the mistress came up with a plan to shit on him and treat him so badly that he would have no choice but to dump her not knowing that he was being led to do it.

Mistress Mortelle was tired of this guy's miserly ways and she wanted to humiliate him and get him to see some sense. So she went ahead to make him her human toilet. He was degraded like never before and while she felt that that alone would not break him, she knew it would help to start the process of loosening him a little bit. And it worked as she intended it to.

Mistress Mummy loves to settle scores with people in a cruel way. She had beef with this guy and she used her shit to settle the score. He had no choice in the matter as she had decided what his punishment would be and that was what it had to be. He was shocked at what she chose to do to him but he did it out of fear of what she could do next.

Mistress Zephy is the kind of slave who likes to do crazy things and today she made sure that she tried something on this loser. The mistress made him lick her high heels after she had teased him. He did it willingly as he thought he would get a chance to fuck her. But it turned out she was messing with him and she even had him eat her shit.

When this mistress learned that she was dealing with a dirty loser, she did not want to be associated with him. She knew that it was better to humiliate him that to put up with his dirtiness. So she crushed his face with her bare feet as she trampled him but before she was done with him, she went ahead to shit on him and smear the shit on his face.

Goddess L did not like how nosy this loser was being and she knew it was better to punish him now than to wait for him to do it again. So the mistress baited him and when he took the bait, she turned him into a human toilet. He had to eat her shit as well as drink her pee. He stopped being nosy as he realized that it cost him.

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