Goddess Allie felt that this guy needed to be taught a lesson because of his repulsive nature. So she used her shit to do it because she did not want to do it again. She felt that she had to do it once and that should be enough. So she brought the big guns. He was turned into a toilet slave and had to eat poo so that he would be scared and learn his lesson. He did.

This spy needed to be scared and madame Ellen chose to teach him a lesson. She wanted the information he had gathered and she got it after she had taken a dump on him. His whole face was covered with her poo and he could not do anything other than plead with her not to continue dominating and degrading him. When she stopped shitting on him, she made him deepthroat a dildo.

Lady Scarlet was greatly offended when her boyfriend forgot her name. She could not believe it and she had to punish him. The mistress chose to do it with her shit so that he would never forget and embarrass her the way he had. So she made him eat her poo directly from her ass and also drink her pee directly from her pussy. He never forgot her name again.

Mistress Jennifer wanted to try something she had never done before and out of all the options she had, poop femdom spoke to her better than any other. And that is why she chose to use it. The mistress looked for a loser who had the unfortunate distinction of eating her shit and washing it down with her hot pee. She enjoyed every bit of it but it was the opposite for the loser.

Mistress Jardena was getting late for work but her slave was slow and did not do things as fast as she wanted. That is why she chose to teach him a lesson and she did it through shitting on him. The mistress even went ahead to make a video of it and sent it to him so that he would not forget what she did to him and as a result, he would not be slow again as he knew what would happen.

Mistress Gaia is an impatient person and she does not like anyone wasting her time. So when this guy did, he had to face her wrath and she did some crazy things to him and made sure he lived to tell the tale. The mistress got the loser to lick her shit, eat it and also swallow it. The mistress also made sure that the guy licked her asshole clean.

This vengeful mistress was not going to let things go like that. She had been pissed and she had to revenge. And hers was worse than anything this loser had imagined. She hunted him down and she used her shit to revenge. She fed him her shit and the mistress made sure he ate every bit of it and that he was her human toilet paper when she was done shitting on him.

These mistresses did not like the influence this guy had over their husbands. He was not married but he was influencing the things their husbands did and he felt them wrong information and incited them. They did not want to go on having fights with their husbands so they looked for the guy and took him to the woods where they made him eat shit and drink pee as punishment. He had to stop being a bad influence on their hubbies.

Naughty mistress Svetlana and mistress Christina wanted this guy to find out what this loser knew about their plans as they suspected he knew something but they found out he did not know anything. So the mistresses teased him for a bit to test their skills and once satisfied, the mistresses chose to poop on him and force him to eat their shit. They did it just because they could.

Mistress Bianc was disappointed with how small this guy's dick was. She had a lot of hopes of getting fucked today and she was pissed that she had to go back to the drawing board. But as she thought about it and she facesat on him, she got turned on and she rode his dick and when she was done, she took a shit on him as punishment for having a small cock.

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