When this mistress learned that she was dealing with a dirty loser, she did not want to be associated with him. She knew that it was better to humiliate him that to put up with his dirtiness. So she crushed his face with her bare feet as she trampled him but before she was done with him, she went ahead to shit on him and smear the shit on his face.

Goddess L did not like how nosy this loser was being and she knew it was better to punish him now than to wait for him to do it again. So the mistress baited him and when he took the bait, she turned him into a human toilet. He had to eat her shit as well as drink her pee. He stopped being nosy as he realized that it cost him.

Goddess Andova wanted to scare this thief so she overpowered him and instead of calling the authorities on him, she made him eat her shit. He was so scared of her that he did what she wanted and that is how he learned never to be a thief again. He cried and begged her not to hand him over to the authorities as he would go to jail. She felt pity on him and let him go.

Mistress Gaia wanted to tame this bully so she did it using her shit femdom. The mistress knew that that was the only way she was going to scare him and show him that she meant what she said. He was shocked as that had never happened to him but he knew he had no way out so he ate the mistress' poop and kept begging her for mercy till she let him go.

This con thought he knew everything and he also thought that lady Luci would never find out that he was a con. And if he ever found out, he did not think she had the balls to look for him and punish him. But that is what she did to the guy as she hunted him down and forced him to eat her shit and promise never to con anyone again.

Mistress Anna and mistress Jane had beef with their boss for favoritism. He favored one of their colleagues over them when it was them that did all the work. He knew it but he did not care and that was not ok with them. He even paid that colleague more. Pissed, they decided to start their own company and as they were about to quit, they made him eat their shit before they went away.

Mistress Bianc can deal with many things but one which she cannot is someone betraying her. She believes in loyalty and when this slave betrayed her, she had to show him the price he had to pay for betraying her. She turned him into her human toilet and he had to eat her shit. The mistress made sure he ate all of it and that she took a dump directly into his mouth.

Lady Lucy got some bad news from this loser and she felt really bad. She was so pissed off that she did not separate the message from the messenger and she found herself taking out her anger on the messenger. She turned him into a human toilet and he ate her shit and drank her urine to wash down the shit before she came to her senses and she let him go.

Mistress Elena got her assistant to lie down at the end of her bottomless toilet seat. She then took a shit into his mouth as she worked on her computer. He did not know what to expect and he was humiliated by the mistress badly. When she was done with him, he had to cry himself to sleep after what she had done to him. He had nightmares for days.

Goddess Allie felt that this guy needed to be taught a lesson because of his repulsive nature. So she used her shit to do it because she did not want to do it again. She felt that she had to do it once and that should be enough. So she brought the big guns. He was turned into a toilet slave and had to eat poo so that he would be scared and learn his lesson. He did.

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