Mistress Mystique and her friends were pissed by what this guy had done and he had to be taught a lesson. The mistresses lured the guy to their house and he was taught a cruel lesson which he never thought would ever happen to him or to anyone else for that matter. The mistress undressed and he was over the moon but his joy was short lived as they shit on him.

Goddess Allie found out that this guy loved her and was willing to do anything to get the chance to sleep with her. She chose to put his devotion and his willingness to do anything to test. The mistress asked him to eat her shit and even though he hesitated, one look at her gorgeous ass and he agreed. Once he had eaten her shit, she asked him to clean up and she let him sleep with her as he had earned it.

Mistress Jennifer was having diarrhea. She tried to narrow down the reasons why she had it and she felt it was because of her slave. She had eaten his food and she felt it was not good but she gave him the benefit of the doubt especially when he insisted it was good. But now that she had diarrhea, she had to share it with him seeing as he did not have it. She took a shit on him and made him eat it.

Mistress Gaia wanted her slave to be a top notch slave. So she trained him in her ways. But he was not receptive at first and she had to think quickly and use a way that would get to him. The mistress got the loser to eat her shit and after he realized the lengths she was willing to go to make him do what she wanted, he became obedient and did everything her way.

These mistress wanted to send a message to the gang of bullies that this guy belonged to. So they took him and they shit on him. He was one of the group leaders and the mistresses knew that it would be a huge statement to shit on him. They then put out a video of the same and told the others that they were ready for them in case they also wanted a taste of their shit. No one ever bothered them.

Lady Yuna caught her slave watching porn and she was disgusted. She had warned him not to do perverted things in her house but since he had chosen to do those things, the mistress had no option but to teach him a lesson. And this she did using her own shit. She turned him into a human toilet and she made sure he ate and swallowed her poo. He also licked her asshole clean.

This mistress had dealt with all kinds of losers and she wanted this loser to learn a lesson that she was not someone to piss and get away with it. The mistress chose to make him eat her poo and also lick her shit filled asshole. He had no choice but to do what the mistress asked him to do and he never pissed her off again as she knew what she was capable of.

Mistress Bianc took a shit on her slave because he had tried to reveal some of her secrets to other people. He was so silly that he could be easily lied to and made to give out information. The mistress turned him into a human toilet and she forced him to eat her shit and to drink her urine. The mistress also smeared the shit all over the slave's face.

Mistress Victoria and mistress Christina fattened this guy for slaughter. The mistresses knew the guy was gullible so they took advantage of him to try something they were dying to try since they did not have a slave. The mistress turned the loser into a human toilet. The guy was made to eat their poo and he could do nothing against the two of them so he ate the shit.

Mistress Anna felt that this guy needed to be punished for frequently catcalling her. She had tried to ignore him but it did not work. It was becoming too much and she wanted to stop him from becoming a nuisance. So the mistress turned the guy into a human toilet after she had lied to him that she found him attractive and would screw him. She took him to her house where he ate her shit as punishment.

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