This mistress does not like boring people. She did not want this guy to waste her time so she did to him what she does to people who piss her off. She turned him into a toilet slave and she made sure he ate her poo and that he also drank her pee. That was not all. The mistress also smeared shit on his face and she had him lick it.

Goddess Amirha was out to degrade and she knew that the best way to do it was to use her poop. So she plotted the degradation of this loser to the last detail and he did not have a clue of what she had in store for him. The mistress lured him to her house where she made him her human toilet. He had to eat her shit and drink her urine as well.

Madame Ellen had supported this athlete and he had promised her that he would be in a medal position but during the actual competition, he did not come anywhere near the podium positions and she was pissed at him and all that she had done for him. So she punished him to make sure he never did any of that shit again. She had him eat her poo and be degraded into working harder.

This mistress had asked this loser to work for her but he had refused. She did not like it as no one said no to her. She had to find a way to make him agree to work for her so she used her shit to do it. He was made to eat poo and she told him she would make it a daily thing until he agreed to work for her. He finally agreed.

Lady Scarlet had a new slave and she wanted to torture and to humiliate in a way he had never been humiliated before. She did this using her poo so that he would not forget what she was capable of. He was shocked but it set him straight and he never messed with her as he knew what she was capable of doing to him. They never had a problem.

Mistress Jardena had tried to tell her assistant to find a way to never forget anything but he did a few times and she felt that it was an issue which she had to address immediately in order to avoid him repeating the same mistake. So she trampled the slave and she even took a shit into his mouth as she knew it would a reminder that he cannot mess with her.

Mistress Karina was rescuing her cousin from poverty but he was too lazy even for her and yet they were related. She could not just give him a free pass so she used her shit to teach him that that was not how people behaved. She enjoyed herself as she turned her cousin into a shit-eating loser and he could not do anything about it. He had to change for his own sake.

Mistress Gaia caught her slave thieving and she turned him into a human toilet. She did not care what he felt or what he went through. All she wanted was that he learned to do things her way and that he never steal from her or be dishonest in any way. And she made sure that was the case as she made him eat and swallow her shit and drink her pee.

When goddess Gina and mistress Yan tried to punish this guy, he resisted what they wanted to do to him. They were shocked that he had the audacity to refuse and to resist what she did to him and the two mistresses ganged up on him and they made sure he ate their shit, which was not even part of the plan had he played nicer and not pissed them.

Princess Araya found out that her slave was insatiable and that he ate a lot. She did not have a factory producing food as he was plowing through it as if there was no tomorrow. She took him to her toilet and she made him eat shit inside a ban to resemble the hot dog he loved so much. And she warned him that it would not be business as usual if he did not change.

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