When it comes to shitting on loser, this mistress believes that it is the best punishment ever invented. She loves to use it to dominate and she never misses an opportunity to use it. Today she made her slave stick his head in her improvised toilet and she then sat on it and she took a dump into his mouth. She warned him against letting it fall on the floor.

Mistress Ronja did not want any undue attention if she went ahead and punished her slave at home. So she took him to the woods where she knew there were few people and that she could do whatever she wanted. When they reached the forest, she found a clearing and she prepared him for what she wanted to do to him and she did it cruelly. He ate poo and drank pee.

Before this mistress punishes someone, she has to make sure that the punishment fits the crime and that it would dissuade the person from doing it again. Whens he analyzed what this loser had done, the mistress felt that the most appropriate thing to do to him was to shit on him. So she got ready and made him not only eat her poo, but also use it as lube to jerk off.

Mistress Victoria and mistress Christina love to try new things all the time and they were running out of things to do when mistress Christina remembered that they had planned to try scat fetish. The mistresses were dying to try poop femdom but they did not have a slave so they went online and they lured to go and eat their shit and the poor guy they got agreed.

Mistress Anna and her man had a bet. They wanted to try shit fetish but none of them wanted to be the first one to eat the poo. So they had a bet and they agreed that whoever won would shit on the one who lost. Mistress Anna won and she enjoyed shitting on her man and watching as he struggled to eat her poo and drink her urine. But he had no choice.

Lady Yuna was so disgusted by this loser that she had to degrade him. She wanted him to know how much he had disgusted him and she could not think of a better way than to use her shit fetish. The mistress undressed and she used her gorgeous ass to take a dump on his face. He had no choice but to eat the poo and also lick her asshole clean.

Goddess Parvati does not like to repeat herself but her dumb slave made her repeat herself all the time. She had had enough and today she snapped and she punished him. This she did using her shit fetish. She took a shit on the loser and she made him eat all of her shit. In addition, she also made him drink her urine. All of this happened in the bathtub.

Lady B loves to shit on losers for fun. She does not need one to mess with her or do something crazy for her to take a shit on them. She does it when she wants and that is all she needs. Today, this loser was unlucky to be the one she chose to shit on. She even made a video of how he ate her poo so as to enjoy it later on when she was bored.

Goddess L has a big ass and she wanted to use it to dominate this guy for writing bad things about her on his blogs. He was lying and slandering her and she would not take it lying down. She chose to take a shit on him and she made sure he ate all of it. She used that poo to send a message to him that she was not messing around and he had to apologize and stop writing about her.

Mistress Gaia did not like what she had seen from this loser. She chose to deal with him ruthlessly so she took a shit on him. She knew he had never been pooped on before and that made the entire punishment worth it. She turned him into her human toilet and got him to eat her shit. He was degraded but he did not have any choice in the matter.

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