Mistress Milana and her ex met at an expo and he wanted to talk to her. She thought he had changed but she found out that he was still the same old asshole she knew. She was not going to give him the satisfaction to piss her off so she turned him into a human toilet. She forced him to eat her poo and he never pissed her off again.

Mistress Jennifer realized that her farmhand was used to taking shortcuts and she did not like it. She knew it would cost her a lot in future and she had to make him change. This she did with her shit so that it would be cruel and he would never have to take any shortcuts because he would know the consequences and would want to avoid them at all costs.

These mistresses did not appreciate what this loser did. He had to be taught a lesson and it was a cruel lesson. The mistresses felt that he needed the cruel and painful punishment so that he would not steal again. So they used their poop to punish him. He was shocked that they did that to him but he had no choice except to eat the shit they gave him.

Mistress Gaia knew that her boyfriend was going away on a very dangerous mission and she wanted to toughen him further so that he would never break under any circumstance. The mistress chose to shit on him in order to make him get used to cruel things being done to him and so that he would learn to endure everything that was thrown at him. He hated what she did to him but she appreciated why it was being done.

Mistress Janet and her friend had tried to chase this guy away but he did not go. They felt that instead of asking him to go away, they had to do something meaningful to send a message to him that they wanted him gone. They felt nothing would be better than using their shit to send the message. That is what they did and it worked better than they expected.

To punish her boyfriend and make sure that he stopped jerking off, this mistress felt that she needed to do something she had never done as all her advice and warnings to him had fallen on deaf ears. So the mistress used her shit to punish him. The mistress got him to eat her shit as he jerked off and it was brutal. She wanted him to associate jerking off with shit so that he would stop. It worked.

These mistresses laid a trap and caught this thief. They did not go easy on him. He was their source of entertainment that night as they had nothing better to do. The mistress chose to turn him into a shit eater and he had no say in the matter. He was trying to avoid going to jail so he did all that the mistresses asked him to do however degrading it was.

This mistress is not a patient person. She had tried her best to put up with her slave but he was beyond help and he could not learn anything new she wanted to teach him. She wanted to cut her losses and get a new one after chasing him away so she took a shit on him as a final punishment and after he had eaten it and cleaned up, she chased him away.

Mistress Bianc had landed a better job and after she had signed the contract, she sought her former boss and she punished him for being an ass and an asshole for all the time she worked for him. She used her poop femdom to punish him. He had to eat poo and drink pee as punishment and there was nothing he could do about it. He learned his lesson and stopped being an ass to the current employees he had.

Mistress Milana and her friend mistress Christina were planning to get undressed and get into the tub. They noticed their pool boy looking at them as he wanted to see their naked bodies and specifically asses and tits. They called him to take their clothes and after he had, they took a shit on him to punish him for peeping on them. He never did it again as he knew the consequences.

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