Mistress Cassie is very protective over her family and when she noticed that her sister's boyfriend was not treating her well, she had to punish him and she did it in a cruel manner so that he never did it again. The mistress used her shit to dominate him and he never messed with her sister as he knew he would be accountable to her and he would not like what she will do to him.

This mistress wanted to buy a gadget from this guy and she went ahead and bought it. But the guy sold her a defective item and she was pissed like never before. She could not understand why he did it and so she pooped on him and she made him eat her shit and drink her pee before she made him give her a full refund and a little more for her troubles.

Mistress Busra has an ass that is out of this world. A lot of people love it and fantasize about it but only a select few get to enjoy it. And this guy was among them. But he had lied to her and she had to punish him so she used it to punish him. The mistress tied him on a bed and she smothered his face with her butt and then made him eat her shit.

When this mistress noticed that her slave was taking a lot for granted, she knew it was incumbent upon her to act quickly and instill a sense of fear and responsibility in him. So used her shit to send a warning to him and he was shocked at the treatment he got and knew that he had to follow what she wanted if he was to avoid such domination again.

Mistress Iside had to punish this employee and his crime was insubordination. She did not like how he conducted himself and his affairs and since she did not want him to influence his colleagues negatively, she used her shit to teach him a lesson and he was so degraded and humiliated that he changed immediately. His colleagues wondered what had happened to make him change but he never told anyone.

This guy lied to mistress Mia and he thought that that was the end of it but he was wrong as she turned to him and she made him her human toilet. For his lies, he was made to eat shit and he could not do anything about it. The mistress laughed at him and told him never to lie to her again as he would have himself to blame.

Madam Tulpan had a slave who nauseated her. She disliked him because he was uncouth and she did not want someone like that near her. She had to let him go but she took a dump on him first before she let him go. That was for all the times she had tried to change him but he had proved too difficult for her and she was now letting him go.

Mistress Wael wanted this guy to jerk off and since he had pissed her off, she made him jerk off with shit as her lube. The mistress wanted to make sure that he would never mess with her again and after what she did to him, she was sure he had learned his lesson and would never repeat his mistake. He was degraded like he had never been degraded before.

This mistress found out that her son's coach was biased against him and yet he was one of the best in the team and that he had a lot of hopes in using his talent to get scholarships. So he had to get playtime. When he did not, she went and hunted down the coach and she made him her human toilet. He had to eat her shit and swallow it until he agreed to give her son a fair chance.

Mistress Dark loves it when a slave gets a good punishment. This one deserved it because he was lackluster in everything he did and she did not want him to infect the other employees. So she took it upon herself to show him that he would not be allowed to continue that way and so she pooped on him and had him eat all of it before she let him go.

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