When goddess Gina and mistress Yan tried to punish this guy, he resisted what they wanted to do to him. They were shocked that he had the audacity to refuse and to resist what she did to him and the two mistresses ganged up on him and they made sure he ate their shit, which was not even part of the plan had he played nicer and not pissed them.

Princess Araya found out that her slave was insatiable and that he ate a lot. She did not have a factory producing food as he was plowing through it as if there was no tomorrow. She took him to her toilet and she made him eat shit inside a ban to resemble the hot dog he loved so much. And she warned him that it would not be business as usual if he did not change.

Mistress Rosella was asked for her help by a friend who needed to tame her husband. So she agreed and she asked the lady to go with her husband to her house. When they arrived, she took them to her torture chambers where she asked the mistress to make her husband lie down after which she instructed her how to shit on him. They forced him to eat her poo.

Mistress Bianc had turned her slave into a human seat but it was not a comfortable seat as he did not sit still. He had to be punished by the mistress as he did not sit still and thereby made her waste her time and could not concentrate on what she wanted to do. Mistress Bianc snapped and took a shit on him to force him to cooperate with her.

Lady Luci knew this guy had to be enticed in order to fall for her trap. So she used her hot body to entice him and to make him and to get him to eat her poop. He was into her and he wanted to fuck her brains out. He did not see her execute her ruthless plan of making him eat her poop. He had to comply to avoid further humiliation.

This mistress hates being let down. And that is what this guy did. He was a poor sport and he lost a competition in which she had heavily bet on him. She was not going to accept such and so she used her poop to punish him. The guy was forced to eat her poo and endure humiliation and degradation so that he learned never to disappoint her again.

Mistress Anna did not like how snobbish this guy was. He looked down on others and felt that he was better than them. He did not look down on mistress Anna but she felt he had to change and since he did not, she used her shit to make him stop feeling superior. She forced him to eat her shit and she also had him lick her asshole as her human toilet paper.

When madame Ellen told this guy she was going to punish him, he was not bothered as he did not see her with any weapon that she would punish him with. So he felt that the worse she could do was kick him or slap him, which he knew he could easily endure. But he was shocked when she used her shit to teach him a lesson and he had to chew and swallow it.

When mistress Victoria and mistress Christina found out that it was this guy who had snitched on them, they had to punish him and they did it using their shit. He was tortured and forced to eat their shit. In addition to eating poo, he also had to drink their pee. And there was nothing he could do about it. He just did what the mistresses told him to do.

Mistress Jardena did not like how her competitor tried to steal her trade secrets. He even went to the extent of trying to bribe her employees but they did not give him any secrets. But she was not going to let it go like that. She had to show him that she was ready and willing to defend her company. So she took a shit on him to do so.

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