Mistress Jennifer Carter was angry at this loser for not following instructions. She was mad and she had to do something about it. She is one of those people who do not like to waste their anger. So she turned the loser into her human toilet and got him to eat her shit. She loved how he was degraded and how he begged for mercy. By the time she was done with him, she knew he had learned his lesson.

Mistress Maya was not happy to be trolled by this loser. She hunted him down and she gave him a piece of her mind. She wanted him to know that she was not one to be trolled and take it lying down. She used her big ass to teach him a lesson. She made him her human toilet and shit on his face. She got him to lick her shit and he never trolled anyone again.

Mistress Kira did not like how her ex-husband always delayed sending alimony checks to her. She was fed up with him as he had skipped three months payments now. She was over understanding him. She knew he was faking having financial issues but she was done giving him the benefit of the doubt. She went to his house and she took a shit on his face. She also peed on his face. He never skipped sending a check.

Mistress Milana was not going to let this loser disappoint her and her friends and then get away with it. They had asked him to perform for them at their party but it was so bad that they could not bear to watch. They chose to punish him so they pooped on plates and they fed it to him. He had to eat all the shit and wash it down with pee.

Mistress Anna likes to have her way in everything she does. She hates compromise because she thinks it makes her look weak. When this loser messed with her, she did not say a word. She did not argue with him or do anything of the sort. Instead, she took a shit on his face and into his mouth after she had turned him into her human toilet. He had no choice but to eat her shit.

This mistress had paid this guy for some work but she did not like the quality of work he did. She was pissed at him and as punishment, she forced him to eat her shit. She wanted the punishment to be cruel so that he would learn from it. She did not want a repeat of it and that was why she was so cruel to him. She then made him redo the work.

This mistress found out that her brother in law was cruel to her sister. She could not let it go on. Her sister did not even tell her. She had to find out for herself. She lured him to her torture chambers where she undressed him and turned him into her human toilet. She forced him to eat her shit as well as drink her pee. He never messed with her sister again.

Mistress Milana was aware that this loser was not easy to deal with. She had been told about him so she called her friends and they had a go at him. The mistresses turned him into their human toilet. He was forced to eat their shit as well as drink their pee. There was nothing he could do about it and he had to soften and do what they wanted.

Madame Du B was not happy to learn that her slave says bad things behind her back on a regular basis. She was not prepared to let him go in with that sort of behavior. So she used her big ass to punish him. He was eating cake for breakfast but she added her shit on top of it and she forced him to eat both the cake and the poo.

Mistress Kira was in the bedroom with her boyfriend. She found condoms in his pockets and wondered what they were for. There was only one remaining meaning he had used the others. She was so angry at him especially when he struggled to explain what he was doing with condoms since they did not use condoms. She facesat on him and shit on his face in anger. She even peed on him.

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